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This tree’s flowers are self-compatible and fertile and it can act as pollinator or other several cutivar. Fruit-bearing is prolific and constant in time. The oil, particularly rich in polyphenols, has an intense fruity scent, taste is bitter. Aroma recalls the scent of green olives and fresh cut grass, aftertaste is peppery.



Flowers are partially self-compatible and fertile. Fruit-bearing is high and constant in time. The oil, rich in polyphenols and tocopherols, has a balanced fruity scent, the taste is gently bitter with a pronounced artichoke note and peppery aftertaste.



This plant’s productivity is high and constant. Oil is particularly rich in tocopherols. Scent is fruity ripe, taste is balanced in sweet, bitter and peppery nuances, with ripe fruit and sweet almond aromas.



This cultivar is unique for its beautiful falling poise and narrow leaves; olives are quite small (gr. 1,5 – 2,5) but its production is very rich. It has a marked attitude in producing fertile pollen. The oil, with its high content of polyphenols and tocopherols, is fruity fresh, balanced and non-aggressive, with predominant bitter sensations.



Vigorous rapid-growth olive tree. It has an expanded poise with branches rising towards the top. It has limited tolerance towards the cold and the olive peacock spot. Flowers are rich in fertile pollen; in fact, it is used as pollinator. Productivity is high and constant in time. Oil is intensely fruity, has high values of polyphenols and its taste is harmonic, with fresh tomato and grass nuances.


Olivastra Seggianese

Originating from Tuscan Maremma mountain area, the diffusion of this olive tree is limited inside these territories. The tree’s vigour is high, resistant to parasites. Productivity is high but unsteady. Fruits have an excellent output with slow, heterogeneous ripeness. Oil is rich polyphenols, scent is fruity, fresh, clean, with clear olive sensations, herbaceous artichoke and white fruit notes. Bitter and peppery taste in good harmony.

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Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione
Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione
Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione
Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione
Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione