History of the Olive tree

The Olive tree

The Olive Tree is a plant which belongs to history of mankind. The high symbolic value of the olive tree is punctually and remarkably quoted in many authoritative sacred texts of the three main Religions, Hebraism, Christianity, Islam, in medieval literature up to the several recalls in subsequent modern eras.

In fact, it determined the birth of the Polis, through the celebrated Athena’s ritual, goddess of wisdom, who points out the olive tree as the symbol of Persistence, Unity and Stability. The olive tree is a plant which could alone influence the destiny of mankind.

A journey through History

The Olive Tree in Tuscan Maremma

In the rural district of Maremma, which expands on a territory from Mount Amiata to the valley on Thyrrenian sea, traces of the Olive Tree date back to very ancient times: a first evident sign of olive growing aimed at olive oil production comes from the Etruscan era, although at that time the oil was mostly used for lighting and cosmetics than for food purpose.

In the name of the Olive Oil

From the Etruscans to the Romans

Olive growing dates back to the times of the Etruscan and the Romans; this is proven by the many paintings and pictorial representations on tomb frescoes and by objects, tools, containers found in the territory.

The value of tipicality

Olive Oil has its own precise story and identity.

It is not true that all olive oils are the same. Each oil, each year is different. They have their own story. Don’t trust those olive oil that taste the same every year. This cannot happen in nature, where every single element influences the harvest, which is fair. We are all part of human kind, but each one of us is different and this proudly makes us unique and diverse.

Our olive oil is the fruit of the bond between our land, our plants and the people who are involved with care, dedication, and above all passion, in cultivating, harvesting, pressing and storing, and this happens every year.

The olive grove is the production place par excellence. There can’t be oil without olives, at least here at Frantoio Malavalle, where you can indeed find the most profound and expressive soul of our olive oil. Those approaching with attention and curiosity a great tradition olive area such as the Malavalle - thus is called the land where we were born and raised, Tuscan Maremma – will understand without hesitation the importance and centrality of sensorial and taste profile of our olive oils, a specific identity unreproducible in other places.

Fun facts

Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione
Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione
Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione
Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione
Frantoio Malavalle | Olio creato con passione